Underage Purchases: 

All packages shipped from Vapelicious utilize Canada Post’s 19+ age verification service. 

This means that in order to receive your package from Vapelicious, you must present photo identification stating you’re of legal age to purchase vaping products in Ontario . 

If you’re unable to do so, your package will be returned to vapelicious where we’re informed 19+ verification failed. 

All purchases by underage persons will face a 50% restocking fee and all shipping charges incurred from beginning to end will not be refunded. 

These charges are non negotiable. 

As per Canadian Law, if you’re under the age of 19, do not attempt to order from Vapelicious. 

You will not receive your items and you will be liable for a 50% restocking fee and all shipping costs incurred. If the restocking fee and shipping costs surpass your total order value, you will not be refunded at all.